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Monitor your network devices with New Relic

You’re an operations engineer relying on a network of SNMP-enabled devices. Your team already uses New Relic’s features for monitoring software and infrastructure, but it’s time to monitor your network devices as well.

In this track, you use Kentik’s ktranslate library to automatically discover your network devices, gather data, and send that data to New Relic to correlate network performance with infrastructure, applications, and digital experiences. Then you use New Relic to monitor the health of your network.


  • Poll SNMP data from network devices and send it to New Relic
  • Sample network flow data and send it to New Relic
  • Create a New Relic dashboard for monitoring your network devices
  • Create a New Relic workload to logically group your devices and set up anomaly detection
  • Use your new data to understand behaviors within your network


  • A free New Relic account
  • A full platform user or a core user with the Nerdpack modify user privilege


This track utilizes an ephemeral virtual machine. As a result, you need to finish the entire track in one sitting or you'll lose your progress when time expires.



Well done! Now that you've gotten your feet wet using ktranslate and New Relic to monitor your network devices, here are some things you can do on your own as you prepare to monitor your real-life network:

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