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SNMP discovery does not find any devices


You launched an SNMP discovery run but didn't find any devices.


The SNMP discovery process will run against every IP address in your list from the cidr section in the discovery configuration. During the scan, there is a TCP port check to ensure the target IP address is responsive. If successful, ktranslate will then attempt to communicate with the IP address via SNMP.

Common failure points in the discovery process include:

To work around these problems, try one or both of the following solutions:

  1. Edit the snmp-base.yaml and increase the timeout value for the timeout_ms variable.
  2. For devices that still seem unresponsive, set all the cidrs values to a length of /32, which forces the discovery process to skip the responsiveness check and only attempts the SNMP connection.


If you have a large set of devices that are being skipped because of the port scan you can edit the snmp-base.yaml file and enable the option for check_all_ips to skip the port scan and just go directly to testing SNMP credentials against every address in your discovery. Keep in mind that this option will dramatically increase the time it takes to complete a discovery.

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