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Enable log management in New Relic

New Relic's log management allows you to collect, process, explore, visualize, and alert on your log data using your existing log forwarder. Read on to learn how to enable this feature and start using it.

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To use log management, ensure your configuration meets the following requirements:

The preferred configuration method is to use the DNS name log-api.newrelic.com or log-api.eu.newrelic.com.

Enable log management in New Relic

There are several ways of bringing your logs into New Relic:

Enable log management using the infrastructure agent

You can forward your logs to New Relic using the infrastructure agent, our lightweight data collector, without having to use additional software.

For more information, see Forward your logs using the infrastructure agent.

Enable log management in New Relic using a log forwarding solution

You can use any of these solutions to forward your logs to New Relic:

Enable using the Logs API

If you prefer to connect to New Relic without installing a plugin, New Relic offers HTTP input integration. This will allow you to send your monitored log data directly to New Relic via the Log API.

For more information, see Introduction to Log API.

What's next?

Now that you've enabled Logs, here are some potential next steps:

If no data appears after you enable New Relic Logs, follow the troubleshooting procedures.

For more help

If you need more help, check out these support and learning resources:

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