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New Relic data usage limits and policies

We strive to keep our resources operating efficiently so that our services are available to all our users. To prevent data usage spikes in one New Relic account from impacting other customers' accounts, we have various data volume and rate limits in place. We reserve the right to enforce these limits to protect our system and to avoid issues for you and other customers. Some limits are higher and only available with a subscription to the appropriate data option.

If your New Relic account, whether by configuration or by error, exceeds one of these limits, it or its child accounts might experience one or both of the following:

  • Sampling of data
  • Temporary pause or cessation of data collection

To learn more about how hitting a limit can affect your data, see View limits. If you have further questions about these limits, your contract, or a limit you've reached, contact your New Relic account representative. We can work with you to adjust any rate limits to meet your needs.

View limits and manage data

For information about system and account limits, and for links to data ingest API limits, go to View limits.

To manage your data ingest, storage, and limits for organization or billing purposes, go to Manage data.

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