New Relic data usage limits and policies

New Relic places limits on the amount and rate of data that accounts can store and report. If your account, whether by configuration or error, passes one of these limits (unless your contract specifies a higher limit), it, or any of your user accounts or sub-accounts, may experience one or both of the following:

  • Sampling of data
  • Temporary pause or cessation of data collection

New Relic reserves the right to enact these policies to prevent data usage spikes from impacting other accounts.
The table below shows the default account-level data-usage limits.

Product Feature Limit
APM Number of APM agent instances per account 50K
APM Number of APM applications per account 10K
APM Number of agent instances per application 10K
Mobile Number of mobile app instances reporting per app version 750K
Browser Number of Browser page views per minute per monitored app 1M
Infrastructure Number of Infrastructure agents and Infrastructure integrations per account 5K agents per account
Infrastructure Gross number of new monitored containers (Infrastructure agents) per hour per account 5K agents per account
All products Rate of event ingest per account 5M per minute
All products Rate of metric ingest per account 2M per minute
All products Max event size 1 MB
All products Max events per API call 1K
All products Max total attributes per event 254 (64 for events via agents)
All products Max attribute value size 1 KB
All products Number of unique custom event types per account per day 250
All products Number of metric names per account 4M
All products Number of metrics per application 300K
Insights Query events inspected per account 100B per hour
Insights Rate of queries per account 20 per second
Traces Spans saved per minute sent to the Trace API. Applies to the account family.

The default span per minute rate limit is 3x the monthly purchased span amount and is calculated as:

(number of monthly purchased spans / 750 hours / 60 minutes) * 3

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