OpenCensus exporter

OpenCensus is a set of libraries for various languages that allow you to collect application metrics and distributed traces, then transfer the data to a backend of your choice. New Relic's OpenCensus exporters send telemetry data from your OpenCensus-instrumented applications to your New Relic account.

Resources for our OpenCensus exporters:

Find your data

To find your data, go to and go to Your applications > Entity explorer. From the Entities screen, search for your service by name. From there, you can explore your metrics using the Data explorer and build dashboards using your metrics. If you're also sending distributed tracing data, the distributed tracing feature is available to query and view traces.

For more on how to query your data once it's in New Relic, see Query your data and Introduction to NRQL.

For more help

If you need more help, check out these support and learning resources: