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Introduction to AWS integrations

Amazon integrations let you monitor your AWS data in several New Relic features. To see the features of specific integrations and the data you can collect, see the AWS integrations list.

Region availability

Most AWS services offer regional endpoints to reduce data latency between cloud resources and applications. New Relic can obtain monitoring data from services and endpoints that are located in all AWS regions except from China regions.

Connect AWS and New Relic

In order to obtain AWS data, follow the procedure to connect AWS to New Relic, or learn more about the types of integration data that New Relic receives. The New Relic AWS integration also supports seamless deployments of your workloads using AWS Outposts.

Integrations and AWS costs

New Relic integrations use the Amazon CloudWatch API to obtain metrics from the AWS services you monitor. The number of calls to the CloudWatch API increases as you enable more integrations, add AWS resources to those integrations, or scale those integrations across more regions. This can cause requests to the CloudWatch API to exceed the 1 million free limits granted by AWS and increase your CloudWatch bill.

View your AWS data

Once you follow the configuration process, data from your Amazon Web Services will report directly to New Relic. AWS data will also be visible in the Infrastructure UI. However, unlike standard New Relic dashboards, pre-configured integrations dashboards can't be edited.

To view your AWS data: Go to one.newrelic.com > Infrastructure > AWS. For any of the AWS integrations listed:

  • Select an integration name to view data.


  • Select the Explore data icon to view AWS data.

You can view and reuse NRQL queries both in the pre-configured dashboards and in the Events explorer dashboards. This allows you to tailor queries to your specific needs.

For more help

If you need more help, check out these support and learning resources:

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