Add and customize NRQL charts

Using NRQL, you can create NRQL charts to visualize your data in billboards, pie charts, histograms, and other formats. NRQL charts have some different display and customization options than metric charts.

Add NRQL charts to dashboard

Whenever you run a NRQL query, you can add charts for that query to a dashboard.

  • To add the resulting chart to the current dashboard, select Add to this dashboard.
  • To add the chart to another dashboard, select Add to and select the target dashboard from the list.

Customize NRQL charts

To edit a chart select Edit chart from the chart menu [fa-ellipsis-h].

Customization options include:

  • Change the underlying NRQL query to change things like the time window, returned data, the type of chart, etc.
  • Change or add the title
  • Add notes to a chart in the Notes field to remind yourself of what data a widget displays, or to share information with teammates
  • Link to another dashboard
  • Copy to another dashboard
  • Expand the chart
  • Embed it in a web page

Each instance of a chart is unique. Editing a chart will not affect any other copies of that chart, in the same dashboard or in a different dashboard.

For more help

If you need more help, check out these support and learning resources: