Query page: Create and edit NRQL queries

To get started creating queries in New Relic Insights: Go to insights.newrelic.com > Query, then use any of the available NRQL syntax and functions.

Use the Query page in New Relic Insights to:

Use NRQL query history

To view up to twenty of your most recent queries, select the History tab directly below the query command line interface. Use the query history to adjust and improve recent queries.

If you want to... Do this...
Run recent queries Select a recent query from the history list. The query will appear on the command line, where it can be edited.
Delete queries Mouse over a query in the history list so the delete [trash] icon appears. The query history only retains the twenty most recent queries, so it can be useful to delete unwanted queries to make room for queries you like.
Favorite queries Mouse over a query in the history list and the favorite star icon appears. Then, to view and use your favorite queries, select the Favorites tab.

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