Introduction to New Relic Insights

New Relic Insights is one way to query and chart your New Relic data. New Relic Insights is a software analytics tool that lets you query and visualize data about your software and infrastructure systems, and better understand that data from a business perspective.

Insights lets you:

For more information, check out New Relic University’s tutorial Introduction to Insights. Or, go directly to the full online course Getting started with Insights.

User and data analysis

New Relic Insights leverages the data from New Relic's other products to allow you to analyze user behavior, business transactions, customer insights, and more. For example, New Relic APM helps people optimize their apps, while Insights helps people optimize their bottom line. It is a software analytics resource to help everyone from C-level executives to front-end developers make better decisions and build better products.

Using the Insights interface, you can quickly and easily build dashboards to identify problems with your apps and hosts in real-time or to track ongoing data trends.

New Relic Insights contains four main components:

You can also view Insights in New Relic's Android and iOS Insights mobile app and on Apple TV.


The Insights service reports on data recorded by other New Relic products and services. It doesn’t record data on its own.

For more information about New Relic's security measures, see our security and privacy documentation, or visit the New Relic security website.

Event types and attributes

Insights collects events from a variety of New Relic products:

The New Relic event data dictionary lets you view event types and attributes for core Insights data. You can use these attributes when you create custom event types.

An event has an event type, a timestamp, and some number of key-value attributes. For more about events, see Data collection.

You can add custom attributes to most events in order to better understand your customers, your app, and your business. You can also create entirely new custom events for page views, host transactions, or anything that can be reported online.

Use the event data explorer to search for and understand your event data.

Metric data

Use the metric data explorer to search and chart any metric timeslice data sent via New Relic agents, including custom metrics. Add metric widgets to an Insights dashboard to monitor the data that's most interesting to you or another team in a centralized place, alongside any event/NRQL-based widgets.

Send custom data to Insights

See Send custom data to Insights for an overview of how to send custom data to Insights.

Compatibility and requirements

New Relic Insights collects default data from a number of New Relic products:


All New Relic APM agents released after May 2014 send default event data to Insights. The specific minimum agent versions are:

New Relic recommends always using the latest agent version. Older versions will lack the functionality available in the most recent version. For update instructions, see Update the New Relic agent.

All New Relic Browser agent versions released after March 2015 send default event data to Insights. Some event types are tied to specific features; for details, see Browser default event data..
All New Relic Infrastructure agent versions send default event data to Insights. Each Infrastructure integration also sends its own event data, which is detailed in the documentation for that integration.
All New Relic Mobile agents released after May 2015 send default event data to Insights (iOS version 5.0.0 and Android version 5.0.0). However, some event types require higher versions: New Relic recommends using iOS version 5.15.0 or higher and Android version 5.15.1 or higher.
New Relic Synthetics always sends default event data to Insights.
Custom data
You can also send custom data to Insights with custom events, or annotate the event data from other New Relic products with custom attributes.

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