Send custom data to Insights

New Relic products automatically populate your Insights account with data contained in specific events. You can add additional data to those events (called custom attributes), or send your own events with your own attributes entirely (called custom events). Then, use NRQL or the Insights Event explorer to sample, query, and chart event data, including your custom events.

For more information, check out New Relic University’s tutorial Custom Data Overview with Insights. Or, go directly to the full online course Custom Data with Insights.

Guidelines and requirements

Adding a high number of custom attributes and events may cause degraded query performance and run up against insertion rate limits for events. For optimal performance, first think about what data you want to analyze, and then create only the custom attributes required for the events.

Be aware of the following data and subscription requirements for inserting and accessing custom data:

Ways to send custom data

Use these methods to send custom data to Insights, based on what other New Relic products and agents you are using.

Source How to send custom data
APM agent Use agent API to send custom events and custom attributes to the APM Transaction event
Browser agent

Add custom attributes to the PageView event via the Browser API call addCustomAttribute. Send PageAction event and attributes via Browser API.

Forward APM agent custom attributes to PageView event.

Insights REST API Insert custom events with the Insights REST API.
Infrastructure Add custom attributes to default Infrastructure events.
Mobile agent Use the mobile agent API to send custom events and custom attributes.
Synthetics Add custom attributes to the SyntheticCheck event via the $util.insights tools.

For more help

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