Report custom event data

New Relic products report a variety of default event data to your account. This document will explain how to report your own custom events and attributes.

Overview of reporting custom events and attributes

Event data is one of the fundamental New Relic data types. Events are reported by most New Relic products, and we give you several options for reporting your own custom events. Reporting custom events allows you to create more useful and customized queries and charts of your data, and is a key part of optimizing how New Relic works for you.

Before beginning, it's important to know that reporting a large number of custom events and/or attributes can cause degraded query performance, or cause you to approach or pass data collection rate limits. For optimal performance, first think about what data you want to analyze, and then create only the events and/or attributes necessary to meet these specific goals.

Be aware of the following data and subscription requirements for inserting and accessing custom data:

Send custom events and attributes

Methods for sending custom events and attributes include:

Source How to send custom data
APM agent Use APM agent APIs to report custom events and custom attributes.
Browser agent

Add custom attributes to the PageView event via the Browser API call addCustomAttribute. Send PageAction event and attributes via Browser API.

Forward APM agent custom attributes to PageView event.

Event API To report custom events not associated with other New Relic products, use the Event API.
Infrastructure Add custom attributes to default Infrastructure events. Use the Flex integration tool to report your own custom event data.
Mobile agent Use the mobile agent API to send custom events and attributes.
Synthetics Add custom attributes to the SyntheticCheck event via the $util.insights tools.

For ways to report other types of custom data, see:

Extend data retention

To learn about how to extend how long events are retained in your account, see Event data retention.

For more help

If you need more help, check out these support and learning resources: