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Introduction to custom data

To get the most out of New Relic, you may need or want to report custom data to help you get insights about your environment and the unique challenges your organization faces.

Options for custom data

We have a wide variety of agents and quickstarts that bring in various types of data. But you may need to bring in data that isn't reported by default.

Options for reporting custom data include:

  • Our integrations for third-party telemetry services and specifications, including OpenTelemetry, Prometheus, Grafana, DropWizard, Micrometer. Browse all our solutions.
  • Configure our agents to send custom data. If you're using one of our APM agents, browser agents, or mobile agents, you can configure them to send custom data. To learn more, see the docs for the tool you're using.
  • Create your own solution for reporting telemetry data with our language-specific Telemetry SDKs. Or use the underlying APIs directly: Metric API, Trace API, Event API, Log API.
  • Report data from your operating system or network. If you're using our infrastructure agent, you might want to use our Flex integration, which lets you use simple config files to report data.
  • Build a New Relic app or customize an existing one from the app catalog. You can build an app that lives on our platform, that can be shared with your team or the public, and that uses your own JavaScript UI functionality. You can analyze New Relic data, or bring in whatever data you want.
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