Troubleshooting: Not seeing transaction traces


You do not see transaction traces in the APM UI.


If you are not seeing a transaction trace in APM, there are several possible reasons.

Transaction tracing was disabled.

Transaction traces are enabled by default, but the setting may have been manually disabled. To solve this problem, change the setting back to enable transaction trace settings.

The transaction does not meet criteria for tracing.

The transaction is not meeting the criteria for being traced. For example:

  • It is responding more quickly than the 4-times-Apdex threshold or a custom number-of-seconds threshold.
  • It is not being selected as the slowest trace during the minute-long harvest cycle.
App activity is not being captured as a transaction.

If you don't see the transaction listed on the New Relic APM Transactions page, your New Relic APM agent is not capturing the activity as a transaction. In this situation, you must set up custom instrumentation to monitor the activity as a transaction.

The custom transaction name includes brackets.

If you used custom instrumentation to manually create a transaction, make sure you follow New Relic's naming rules.

Do not use brackets [suffix] at the end of your transaction name. New Relic automatically strips brackets from the name. Instead, use parentheses (suffix) or other symbols if needed.

No traces appear for any transactions.

Change the Threshold value temporarily to 0.0001 so that transactions will definitely exceed the threshold. Be sure to return this to your original setting after you start receiving transaction traces.

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