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callable_name (Python agent API)


newrelic.agent.callable_name(object, separator=':')

Returns a string name identifying the supplied object.


This call returns a string name identifying the supplied object. This is often used to programmatically name function traces.





function, class, or member function

Required. The type of object supplied.



Optional. Used for overriding the default : separator. By default, the separator between the module path and the object path is :. The convention used by the Python agent is : so that it is clear which part is the module name and which is the name of the object.

Return values

Returns a string name identifying the supplied object.

The returned name will be in the form module:object_path. If the object supplied is a function, then the name returned would be in the form module:function. If the object is a class, the form would be module:class. If a member function, the form would be module:class.function.


Set name for function trace

Here's an example of using callable_name to set the name of a function trace:

name = callable_name(func)
with FunctionTrace(txn, name):
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