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get_browser_timing_footer (Python agent API)




Starting with Python agent version 9.4.0+, this API is deprecated and always returns an empty string. The previous functionality of get_browser_timing_footer() is now included in get_browser_timing_header().

For more information on proper usage, see Manually instrument browser monitoring.

Generates a agent footer for injecting the JavaScript agent.


This call returns the browser agent JavaScript footer snippet that, along with the header JavaScript snippet, is used to enable browser monitoring. To learn how to enable browser monitoring using this call along with get_browser_timing_header, see Manually instrument browser monitoring.

This call must be called for every web request where you want to inject the JavaScript snippet. It cannot be called at global scope and cached.

Return values

Returns the browser agent footer JavaScript.


Manual browser monitoring instrumentation

See Manually instrument browser monitoring for instructions on how to use the header and footer calls.

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