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newrelic_set_error_group_callback (PHP agent API)



Group errors with your own custom-defined fingerprinting callback function.


Agent version 10.12 or higher.


This API allows a user to register a custom callback function with the PHP agent that will be called when the application encounters an error.

The callback will provide two PHP arrays from the agent - one containing transaction data, and another containing error data.

Using the provided context information, the callback must return a non-empty string based on user-defined logic that will serve as the error group name displayed in the Errors Inbox UI.


  • When there are multiple calls to this function in a single transaction, the PHP agent retains the callback from the last call only.

  • Callbacks are registered on a per-request basis. This API should be called in a code path that is guaranteed to be executed for each request, or the callback will not be invoked.

  • It is highly recommended to keep your callback function as minimal as possible. CPU-intensive callbacks (such as database calls) or other complex logic will result in performance impacts on your application.


This API accepts a single function-type callback as an argument. The provided callback must accept 2 parameters.

API Parameter


$callback (function)

Required. Provide a callback function that will be registered with the PHP agent.

Callback Parameters


$transaction_data (array)

Required. An array of transaction data provided to your callback by the PHP agent.

$error_data (array)

Required. An array of error data provided to your callback by the PHP agent.

Array key/value pairs

$transaction_data - PHP agent transaction data provided to your callback




(string) Request URI


(string) Filepath


(string) HTTP method (GET, POST, etc.)


(int) HTTP status code (200, 404, etc.)

$error_data - PHP agent error data provided to your callback




(string) Class name


(string) Error message


(string) Filepath


(string) JSON error strack trace


  • Not all keys are guaranteed to contain values. This is highly dependent on the user application and the nature of the error.
  • Array keys will always be set regardless of whether or not they contain empty values.

Return values

API returns true if the callback is registered successfully, otherwise false.


if (extension_loaded('newrelic')) { // Ensure PHP agent is available
$callback = function(array $transaction_data, array $error_data)
$fingerprint = "";
// Add custom code to parse array data
// Example code
if ($error_data["klass"] == "E_USER_ERROR") {
$fingerprint = "USER ERROR";
return $fingerprint; // Non-empty string error group name
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