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New Relic CodeStream integration

Display context-sensitive APM data directly in your IDE by integrating New Relic CodeStream with the Java agent. Visualize code-level production telemetry in your editor as your write and review code with this integration.

Getting started

First, install the New Relic CodeStream extension into your supported IDE of choice and log in.


The New Relic CodeStream integration is available in Java agent version 7.10.0 and higher. To enable the integration, either set code_level_metrics.enabled: true in newrelic.yml, or NEW_RELIC_CODE_LEVEL_METRICS_ENABLED=true as an environment variable, or -Dnewrelic.config.code-level-metrics.enabled=true as a system property.

Agent attributes

The Java agent reports and attaches the following attributes to spans produced by your application:





The name of the instrumented function (Java method).



The namespace (fully qualified class name) in which code.function is defined



Spans created using the API method NewRelic.getAgent().getTransaction().startSegment() will not contain these attributes. To create a span that contain these attributes annotate a method with @Trace or use XML instrumentation.

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