Minimum and maximum values

Here is a quick reference of minimum and maximum values as applicable for policies set up with New Relic Alerts.

New Relic Alert policies

New Relic Alerts Minimum value Maximum value
Alert policies:
Alert policy name 1 character 64 characters
Policies per account n/a 5000 policies
Products per policy any New Relic product (APM, Mobile, Synthetics, etc.) any New Relic product
Alert conditions:
Condition name 1 character 64 characters
Conditions per policy 1 condition 250 conditions
NRQL query conditions OR Web app response percentiles per account 1 condition 2000 conditions
Targets (product entities) per condition 1 target 1000 targets from 1 or more products
Thresholds per condition 0 Warning, 1 Critical 1 Warning, 1 Critical
Alert violations:
Duration for condition violation

5 minutes

Exception: 1 minute for at least once conditions, because the violation could occur during the first minute (or any minute).

2 hours
Notification channels:
Notification channel name 1 character 64 characters
Channels per account 1 channel

1000 channels per type

Exception: No limits for user channels

Channel limitations Depends on channel Depends on channel

Minimum throughput for alerts

To help prevent notification spam, New Relic does not immediately create problem events when a condition is met. New Relic requires a minimum data sample before triggering alert notifications. Otherwise, evaluating low-traffic or idle applications could result in excessive events and messages.

It usually takes a couple of minutes to determine the problem is not just a temporary spike before changing the status indicator to indicate a problem. You can specify the delay time in the policy settings.

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