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Alerts user settings

For New Relic alerts, our grace period setting controls how much time should pass before you're notified about an issue. Our inactive issues setting controls how long you want to wait before an inactive issue is automatically closed.

These settings apply to all data coming in to your account.

To find your alerts settings, go to one.newrelic.com > All capabilities > Alerts > General.

Grace period policy for accounts using decisions

For issues that are candidates for our correlation logic you can set a grace period. The grace period is the time between when an issue is created and when that issue generates notifications. Grace periods are used to reduce the number of unnecessary notifications.

For each priority level, you can set the grace period from 0 to 20 minutes. The longer the grace period, the more time our system has to analyze and correlate new activity with past activity.

If there are any notifications to send, they're sent when the grace period time has elapsed.

The grade period default values are:

  • Low: 15 minutes
  • Medium: 10 minutes
  • High: 5 minutes
  • Critical: 1 minute

Note: Grace period is eligible only for users who use correlations

Auto Close Issue Window

The auto close issues setting controls how much time elapses before an inactive issue is automatically closed. The range is from 1-30 days and the default value is 3 days.


This setting is related to the "close open incidents after..." setting for each condition.

When the time periods in these two settings are different, our system uses the shorter time period, regardless of the setting. For example, if the close open incident time setting is 3 days and the inactive issue time setting is 2 days, the issue (along with all associated incidents) will close in 2 days.

Inactive Issue

When an issue is inactive, it won't be aggregated or correlated by our system. For example, if a new issue comes in that's similar to the inactive issue, it's treated as new, rather than correlated to the inactive issue.

An issue is considered inactive when it has collected 5,000 incidents.

After 30 days, an inactive issue will be automatically closed.

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