newrelic_accept_distributed_trace_headers (array $headers, string $transport_type)
Accepts an array of distributed trace headers.


Requires PHP agent version 9.8 or higher.


Distributed tracing allows you to see the path that a request takes as it travels through a distributed system. When distributed tracing is enabled, use newrelic_accept_distributed_trace_headers to accept a payload of headers. These include both W3C Trace Context and New Relic distributed trace headers.

It is possible to only accept only W3C Trace Context headers and disable the New Relic Distributed Tracing header via the newrelic.distributed_tracing_exclude_newrelic_header INI setting.


Parameter Description



Required: an array containing distributed tracing headers.



Optional. A string overriding the default transport type.

Default values:

  • HTTP for web traffic
  • Unknown for non-web traffic

Additional accepted values:

  • AMQP
  • HTTP
  • IronMQ
  • JMS
  • Kafka
  • Other
  • Queue

Return value(s)

Returns True if the headers were accepted successfully, otherwise returns False.


For examples of how and when to use this API method, see the documentation to manually instrument applications and services.

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