.NET agent

New Relic's .NET agent monitors your .NET app, giving you an end-to-end view of your app's performance. It works for all .NET compatible languages, such as VB.NET, C#, and C++/CLI.

Introduction to New Relic for .NET. Learn what you can do with the .NET agent and how to get started.

Install the agent. Instructions for Windows Installer or script. For Azure, see Azure installation.

.NET agent configuration. Options to fine-tune your installation. See also Name your .NET app.

API and Custom instrumentation. Control the agent or extend your instrumentation.

Compatibility and requirements. View supported frameworks, OS versions, and instrumentation.

Troubleshoot. What to do if the agent fails to report to New Relic.

rpm.newrelic.com/apm > (select an app) > Overview: After installing the .NET agent, view a summary of your app's performance.