Installing the Agent SDK


Make sure your app meets New Relic's compatibility requirements for the Agent SDK.

Installing the Agent SDK

The Agent SDK consists of three C++ libraries and three C header files. To install the SDK:

  1. Download the SDK to your development machine (Linux-only).
  2. Unzip nr_agent_sdk-<version>-beta.x86_64.tar.gz to a working directory.
  3. For instructions on implementing the Agent SDK, read the AgentSDK.pdf included in the download.

Tip: New Relic's public repo on Github includes Agent SDK sample wrappers and code.

For more help

Additional documentation resources include:

Recommendations for learning more:

  • See the Docs site's landing page for APM agent SDK documentation.
  • Browse New Relic's Explorers Hub for community discussions about the APM agent SDK.
  • Use your preferred search engine to find other New Relic resources.