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Prometheus integration template

This document is a template for a Prometheus integration document: Please skim the entire template first to understand the expected structure for this type of doc. Delete all content up to Introduction (this heading won't be visible).

For the title (the field at top of page): Give your doc a practical name that is focused on the specific integration.

Introduction (this heading will not be visible)

Provide a brief explanation about what this integration does and why you should use it. Mention the key use cases, the customer value, the reason for using this integration, and when to use it.

Add a link where it's possible to take a screenshot of the integration.


  • Add a link to the provider's site to know how to add the required pod annotations for Prometheus to discover the metrics endpoints.

Enable the integration

Prometheus metrics need to be integrated with New Relic, you can use the Prometheus Agent or the Remote Write integration, see how to send Prometheus metrics.

Once integrated, use the following query to confirm metrics are being ingested as expected:

FROM Metric SELECT count(*) WHERE metricName LIKE 'integrationName_%' FACET metricName LIMIT MAX

The integration entities are also visible in the entity explorer with associated golden metrics and a built-in dashboard.

Install dashboards and alerts

Install the [integration quickstart](add a link to the quickstart guide) to access built-in dashboards and alerts. Once the dashboard has been imported, assets can be adapted (edited or cloned) based on your specific requirements.

Find and use the data


Prometheus metrics are stored as dimensional metrics. You can query using NRQL or use the Data Explorer to browse the available metrics, facet, and filter by the associated dimensions.

The different sets of metrics exposed by [add here the integration name] are defined in the [Integration_name documentation](add a link to the provider's documentation).

Use the following NRQL queries to understand the metrics being ingested in New Relic:

  • List unique metric names:

    FROM Metric SELECT uniques(metricName) WHERE metricName LIKE 'integrationName_%' LIMIT MAX
  • Count number of metric updates:

    FROM Metric SELECT datapointcount() WHERE metricName LIKE 'integrationName_%' FACET metricName
  • Estimate data ingestion (daily ingest, in bytes):

    FROM Metric SELECT bytecountestimate() WHERE metricName LIKE 'integrationName_%' SINCE 1 day ago


This integration enables the integration entities powering the full set of entity capabilities such as golden metrics, entity dashboards, Workloads, and Lookout.


Follow the troubleshooting tips from [integrationName documentation] (add a link to the provider's documentation) to make sure that metrics are configured as expected on your cluster.

You can also check the specific troubleshooting guidelines for Prometheus integrations.

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