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Introduction to the style guide

Welcome to New Relic's style guide. We've written these guidelines for content creators across New Relic, and for contributors to our open source content projects, like the Docs or our other New Relic GitHub repositories.

This guide also gives you some insight into how we think about good technical writing. We focus on style and usage that's particular to New Relic. We follow American English conventions. For topics that aren't covered, please refer to the Microsoft Writing Style Guide (in particular, the "A–Z word list" and guide to Formatting common text elements) or the Chicago Manual of Style (for general writing and editing guidelines).

Find the information you need:

  • For our writing strategy, see docs in this section on voice, five questions for great content, how to organize your content, and more.

  • For a quick reference for terms usage, see our Usage dictionary.

  • For how to write and edit pages on docs.newrelic.com, see Create and edit content or watch this video that is less than two minutes:

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