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Android agent release notesRSS

October 18, 2021
Android agent v6.3.1

New in this release Deprecated SDK location support, and removed geolocation listener from agent. Fixed in this release Resolved missing…

October 8, 2021
Android agent v6.3.0

This release is invalid and should not be used. Please use Android agent version 6.3.1 . Support statement: New Relic recommends that you…

August 24, 2021
Android agent v6.2.1

Fixed in this release Update ASM API level for all classes to fix a build error indicating: java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: This…

August 1, 2021
Android agent v6.2.0

New in this release Add suppport for Android Gradle plugin (AGP) version 7.0 Update instrumentation support level to JDK 11 Fixed in this…

June 29, 2021
Android agent v6.1.0

We have noticed that this version has issues running on devices with API levels below 24. This will be fixed in the upcoming release. In the…

March 17, 2021
Android agent v6.0.0

Welcome to the New Relic Android agent version 6.0. This major release breaks compatibility with older 2.x and early 3.x versions of the…

December 15, 2020
Android agent v5.28.1

Fixed in this release Crash reports uploads are sent immediately for wired connections (i.e., AndroidTV). Previously, crashes were deferred…

October 15, 2020
Android agent v5.28.0

New in this release Improved attribute validation The agent will no longer reject events containing invalid attributes. Attributes that fail…

September 10, 2020
Android agent v5.27.1

Fixed in this release Fixed MissingPropertyException thrown by newRelicInstrumentTask when building with Android Gradle Plugin 2.x

September 3, 2020
Android agent v5.27.0

New in this release Enhanced the New Relic Gradle plugin's build-time reporting of ProGuard/DexGuard maps Maps will only be reported during…

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