Percentiles: Compare ranked data

New Relic APM and New Relic Browser provide two percentile values (99% and 95%) to help you better understand your app's response times:

  • The 99% line indicates that 99% of the response times occurred below this line.
  • The 95% line indicates that 95% of the response times occurred below this line.

The percentile graph shows data for the selected app, not percentile data across the agent.

Percentile options

In New Relic, percentile line graphs allow you to compare and analyze response time data for your app servers and browsers as percentage rankings. The chart shows these values:

  • 99% (useful to help find outliers)
  • 95% (useful to set a standard)
  • Median (where half of the response times are higher than this value, and half are lower)
  • Average (for all responses in the selected time period)
APM > (selected app): Here is an example of the APM Overview page with the app's Web transactions percentile view selected. By turning off the 99% data from the chart's legend, the percentile distributions become even more noticeable.

Pages with percentile views

Pages with multiple view options for bar charts, histograms, and percentiles include:

Charts with browser requests require New Relic Browser. Charts with histogram and percentile options include a dropdown arrow to select from the standard stacked chart view, histogram, or percentile. If an option is unavailable, the icon is gray.

View percentile charts

To select the percentile view option:

  1. From the available UI pages, select the chart title's dropdown arrow.
  2. Select the percentile % icon for your app's web transaction requests, non-web transaction requests, or browser requests as applicable.
  3. Use any of New Relic's standard UI page functions to drill down into detailed information.

Here is a summary of additional options when viewing percentiles.

If you want to... Do this...
View summary information Mouse over the chart.
View detailed information Click or drag anywhere on the chart.
Hide any percentile graph From the legend below the chart, select the percentile's title or color bar. (To return the percentile graph to the chart, select its title or color bar again.)

For more help

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