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View your applications index

When you go to one.newrelic.com > All capabilities > APM, you get an index of all APM apps associated with your New Relic account ID. The page automatically refreshes the index of applications every two minutes with the most current health status, events, and performance statistics.


To get a high-level overview of all your applications and services, use our entity explorer.

Here are some of the things you can do on this page:

If you want to...

Do this...

View an app's details

To go directly to the application's Summary page by clicking on the application's name.

Find an app in the index

Use any of these options to find what you want:

  • Filter or roll up the index by category or tag.
  • Use the search (magnifying glass) function at the top of the index.

View details about a recent event or alert

On the Summary page, review the entries under Application activity. You can select the link to get details. For more information, see View an app's alert information.

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