Histograms: View data distribution

In New Relic, histograms graph the response time distribution for a selected time period. Because histograms require charting individual data points, they are based on event data.

For histogram functions with NRQL, see NRQL syntax, components, and functions.

UI pages with histogram views

Pages in the New Relic UI with view options for histograms include:

Charts with histogram and percentile options include a dropdown arrow with icons for the standard stacked chart view, histogram, or percentile. If an option is unavailable, the icon is gray.

APM > (selected app): Here is an example of the APM Overview index with the app server histogram view selected. To view summary information, mouse over any of the histogram's vertical bars, or select the bar to drill down into the associated top transactions.

View histograms

To select the histogram view option:

  1. From the available UI page, select the chart title's dropdown arrow.
  2. Select the histogram histogram-icon.png icon for your app's web transaction requests, non-web transaction requests, or browser requests as applicable.
  3. Use any of New Relic's standard UI page functions to drill down into detailed information.
APM > (selected app): Here is an example of the APM Overview page's histogram chart with Explore timeline selected. To view histogram changes over time, drag the timeline's handle left or right.

Here is a summary of additional options when viewing histograms.

If you want to... Do this...
View summary information about the time period, number of requests, or percentage Mouse over any of the histogram's vertical bars.
View detailed information Select any of the histogram's vertical bars.
Drill down into the top five transactions' trace details Select any of the histogram's vertical bars, then select any transaction.
View the histogram changes over the selected time period (maximum 7 days) Below the chart, select Explore timeline, then scroll left or right. To close the timeline selecter, select Explore timeline again.
View the average response time for the period selected using the timeline selector Open the Explore timeline selector, which shows the period and the average total response time. To update the displayed response time, move the selector. This is the same as the total response time shown in the Overview page's response time chart.


Large outliers and long "tails" are common on browser charts with the histograms view selected. To help provide data in meaningful buckets, New Relic intentionally cuts off histogram data at the 95th percentile. Otherwise the histogram might need to be twice its size or more to accommodate a small percentage of outliers. (End user response time in Browser is also clamped.)

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