Identify synthetic monitoring requests to your app

Synthetic monitor requests include an X-Abuse-Info request header field, so you can identify the New Relic synthetic monitoring account and the monitor that sent it. Use that information to:

  • Access the monitor results (if you have access to the account).
  • Disable the monitor (if you have access to the account).

Identify the account or monitor

To identify the Synthetics account and monitor ID that sent the request, check the X-Abuse-Info request header field. For example:

X-Abuse-Info: Request sent by a New Relic Synthetics Monitor ( - monitor id: ${MONITOR_ID_STRING} | account id: ${ACCOUNT_NUMBER}

Access or disable monitor

If you have access to the account that the monitor request came from, you can view monitor results or disable the monitor in New Relic One:

  1. Identify the account number and monitor ID that sent the request.
  2. Go to > Synthetics and select a monitor.

  3. Click General under Settings.

  4. Click the Monitor toggle to set it to Disabled.

For more help

If you need more help, check out these support and learning resources: