Collect Synthetics transaction traces

Synthetics transaction traces connect your Synthetics results to APM transaction traces. While Synthetics results capture browser-side details from each Synthetics check, transaction traces capture the activity on your app server. When you connect Synthetics to APM, you can view both sides of every Synthetics run.

Synthetics and APM must be on the same account for transaction traces to make these connections.

Enable synthetic transaction traces

Synthetic traces are enabled by default in the following agent versions:

  • Java: 3.14.0 or higher
  • .NET: or higher
  • Node.js: 1.16.1 or higher
  • PHP: or higher
  • Python: or higher
  • Ruby: 3.9.7 or higher

View synthetic transaction traces

To view synthetic transaction traces, create a monitor that checks a website for which you have enabled synthetic transaction traces. Then, go to > (select a monitor with traces enabled) > Results > (select a result) > View APM transaction trace. The transaction trace will typically be attached to the main HTML resource.

This image indicates where the "view transaction trace" link is located. > (select a monitor with traces enabled) > Results > (select a result) > View APM transaction trace: Selecting a transaction trace will reveal more details in New Relic APM.

New Relic collects up to 20 synthetic transaction traces per application each minute. If your app receives more than 20 Synthetics checks per minute, not every Synthetics result will include a synthetic trace.

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