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Synthetic monitoring: Access individual monitor runs

Use the Results page to view individual monitor results. Locate interesting results by sorting the list to identify slow, fast, or other unusual results. Or filter by location to understand how monitor performance varies with geography. The Page Load Time graph gives a snapshot of how page performance has varied over time.

View the Results page

To access your monitor's Results: Go to one.newrelic.com > Synthetic monitoring > (select a monitor) > Results.

one.newrelic.com > Synthetic monitoring > (select a monitor) > Results: Use the Results page to locate interesting runs of your monitor for troubleshooting, and see where your monitors spend the most time.

Use page functions

The Results page supports the following features:

If you want to...

Do this...

Sort the results list

From the Sort By dropdown, select an option:

  • To view your fastest and slowest results, sort by Duration (select descending to view your slowest, or ascending to view the fastest).
  • Find unusually large or small response packets by sorting by Response Size (select descending or ascending, as appropriate).
  • Sort your results by timestamp by selecting Newest or Oldest.

Filter by location

Select a location label to hide results from that location. Select the location label again to unhide those results. To view results from only one location, hide every other location.

Hide and unhide chart elements

Select chart elements to hide and unhide them from the Page Load Time chart.

Quickly access another monitor

  1. At the top of the screen, click on the name of the current monitor to open the dropdown menu.

  2. Select from the list of recent monitors, or enter a name in the search field to search for a specific monitor.

Change the time frame

Use the time picker to adjust the number of results returned.

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