Alerting in Synthetics

If you want to receive alert notifications when a New Relic Synthetics monitor fails, you can configure the alert notification either while creating a New Relic Synthetics monitor or after you have created one. You can configure your monitor's alert policy directly from New Relic Synthetics, as explained in this document. Or, if your account uses New Relic Alerts, you can use the New Relic Alerts UI for existing monitors.

To identify which monitors do not have policies assigned to them, review their color-coded health status.

New monitor: Add alert notifications

To enable alert notifications from New Relic Synthetics when creating a new monitor, use either of these methods as applicable when you reach Step 5. Get notified:

Alert Options
Synthetics > Monitors: When you select Add monitor, the New Relic Synthetics UI presents a five-step workflow, which includes options to get notified by email or by adding the monitor to an existing New Relic Alerts policy.
Create email alert policy for new monitor from Synthetics.

To create a new email alert policy while you are creating a new monitor in New Relic Synthetics:

  1. Select Email me.
  2. Type your email address and a name for the new policy.
  3. Select Save.

When you save the new monitor, your new email alert policy will be created in New Relic Alerts. The specified email address will be added to the alert policy's notification channel to automatically send an email if the monitor fails.

Add new monitor to existing New Relic Alerts policy from Synthetics.

To add your monitor to one or more existing alert policies:

  1. Select Add to existing policy.
  2. From the list of existing policies, use the search alert policies box or scroll the list to locate and select the alert policy you want to use for this monitor.
  3. Repeat these steps to add more existing alert policies.
  4. Review the list of alert policies you have added to this monitor.
  5. To remove alert policies associated with this monitor, select the icon on the alert policy's row.
  6. When finished, select Create my monitor.

When you save the new monitor, it will be added to the selected alert policy in New Relic Alerts. Any failures will send alert notifications to the New Relic Alerts notification channel(s) for that policy.

Existing monitor: Add to alert policies

A monitor can be included in multiple alert policies. If you want to add the monitor to additional alert policies, New Relic Synthetics does not list policies the monitor already belongs to.

You can view the alert policies and conditions for the selected monitor from the New Relic Synthetics UI or from the New Relic Alerts UI. To add an existing monitor to an alert policy:

  1. Go to > (select a monitor) > Settings > Alert conditions.
  2. Select Add to another alert policy.
  3. From the list of existing alert policies, use the search box or scroll the list to locate one or more alert policies where the monitor has not already been added.
  4. Select the policy, then select Save.
Synthetics: Select alert policies for monitor
Synthetics > (selected monitor) > Settings > Alert conditions > Add to another alert policy: Review or search the list of available alert policies, then select which ones you want the selected monitor to use for alert notifications.

Existing monitor: Remove from alert policy

To remove an existing monitor from an existing alert policy:

  1. Go to > (select a monitor) > Settings > Alert conditions.
  2. Select the trash can (delete) icon on the monitor's row.

Receive alert notifications on a three-strike basis

Synthetics alert notifications operate on a three-strike basis, sending an alert after three monitor attempts from a single location return an error. Your alert policy configuration and notification channel settings will determine when you receive alerts for specific monitors and locations.

If you monitor a non-public app and add your selected public minion IPs to your allow list, you may very infrequently receive a false downtime alert. When a Synthetics data center goes down, New Relic may decide to temporarily use an alternate host, which results in the temporary server's IP being blocked by your app.

Mute (disable) monitor alert notifications

To temporarily disable alerting for a monitor, mute it:

  1. Go to > Monitors.
  2. From the Monitors index, select the gear icon for the monitor you want to disable alerts, then select Mute.

A gray Mute icon next to the monitor name indicates that a monitor is muted. To re-enable alerting, select the gear icon, then select Unmute.

Synthetics > Monitors: To temporarily disable alert notifications for a monitor, select Mute. To re-enable notifications, select Unmute.

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