Synthetics Overview page

The Synthetics Overview page gives you an at-a-glance understanding of your website's performance. You can look for trends in load time, uptime, and average download size; or jump straight to slow results and downtimes for a deeper view of interesting results. To view monitor information in New Relic One, you can also use the Summary page.

View the Overview page

To access your monitor's Overview page: Go to > (select a monitor).

screen-synthetics-overview > (select a monitor): The Overview page gives you a high-level view of your website's performance, and has shortcuts directly to slow runs and peculiarities.

Understand Overview charts

Use the Overview page to understand your website's performance.

Synthetics Overview chart Description
Load time chart

This shows the load times for each monitor location. When you select a short time frame (such as 30 minutes), Synthetics displays the exact load time for each run of your monitor from each location. With longer time frames, Synthetics adjusts the resolution to show averages.

To toggle the visibility of a location, select its label.


This shows the percentage of monitor runs that were successful. For a scripted monitor, the entire script must complete for the run to be considered a success.

Above the selected monitor's Availability chart, an ellipsis [ellipsis icon] icon appears. Use New Relic's comparative charting feature for a direct page load time comparison between real user (New Relic Browser) interactions and the Synthetics monitors.

Average load size

This chart shows the amount of data (in kilobytes or megabytes) consumed in each run of the monitor. For scripted monitors, the entire script is included in the average load size graph. For example, a monitor that loads three pages will measure the size of all assets on all three pages.

If your site is static, the average load size will be very consistent. For dynamic sites such as a news site, the average load size will vary as your page content changes.

Slowest results This lists the five slowest results for the selected time frame. To view the performance breakdown, select a result.
Monitor downtimes This lists the most recent monitor downtime incidents. To view additional details, select a downtime incident.

Use page functions

The Overview page supports the following functions:

If you want to... Do this...
View a result in detail Select individual results from the Slowest results and Downtimes tables. To view exact metrics in the Load time and Average load size charts, mouse over the chart.
Compare Synthetics trends to actual users' (Browser) experience Use New Relic's comparative charting feature for a direct page load time comparison between real user (New Relic Browser) interactions and the Synthetics monitors. Above the selected monitor's Availability chart, select the ellipsis [ellipsis icon] icon.
Hide a location from the Load time chart Select the location's label below the Load time chart to hide that location. Select the location again to unhide it.
Quickly access another monitor

In the side menu bar, select the dropdown icon. Select from the list of recent monitors, or enter a name in the Search by monitor name field to filter the recent monitor list.

switch monitors by selecting the monitor name
Change the time frame Use the time picker to adjust the number of results returned.

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