Identify Synthetics requests to your app

Synthetics monitor requests include an X-Abuse-Info request header field, so you can identify the New Relic Synthetics account and monitor that sent it. Use that information to:

  • Access the monitor results (if you have access to the account)
  • Disable the monitor (if you have access to the account)

Identify the account or monitor

To identify the Synthetics account and monitor ID that sent the request, check the X-Abuse-Info request header field. For example:

X-Abuse-Info: Request sent by a New Relic Synthetics Monitor ( - monitor id: ${MONITOR_ID_STRING} | account id: ${ACCOUNT_NUMBER}

Access or disable monitor

If you have access to the account that the monitor request came from, you can view monitor results or disable the monitor in the New Relic UI:

  1. Identify the account number and monitor ID that sent the request.
  2. Access the monitor's overview, or summary for ping monitors, page for monitor name and results, substituting the account and monitor ID values, with the URL:${ACCOUNT_NUMBER}/monitors/${MONITOR_ID_STRING}
  3. Optional: Disable the monitor from the monitors index page.

For more help

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