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New Relic personal data requests

There may be times that you want to process personal data in New Relic products or services about your own customers. We have taken steps so that you can do this in accordance with applicable data protection laws, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the EU.


When you receive a request from one of your own customers about their personal data, you are the data controller, and you are responsible for all interactions with the data subject. (Your own customer is the data subject as defined by the GDPR.)

New Relic is your data processor, so we only communicate with you as our customer. We do not communicate with your own customers.

Requests for data access

For data access requests from any of your customers, you can:

  1. Query all data New Relic collected on your behalf.
  2. Extract the relevant information.
  3. Provide it to your customer (the data subject).

As you work with your customers' data, you may find these resources helpful:

Requests for personal data deletion

To improve the security of the data you entrust us with, we restrict the ability to request data deletion to only Admin and Owner roles. If you have not been assigned this role, please contact one of your account's Admins or Owners. To find your account's users, follow the instructions for viewing users.

When you want to delete personal data for your customers, the Admin or Owner for your New Relic account follows this process:

  1. Identify the personal data that your own customer wants to deleted or made anonymous.
  2. Send an email to personaldatarequests@newrelic.com to ask us for help. Include sufficient details so we can complete the change in the way you want, as explained in the following table
  3. After we fulfill your request to remove the personal data, follow up with your customer who initiated the request.

By law, we have 30 days to fulfill personal data deletion requests once we receive them.

Here are some examples of what to do, depending on your New Relic account type.

New Relic account type

What to do

I have a paid New Relic account.

Send an email to personaldatarequests@newrelic.com.

  • Include details of all enabled custom parameters that contain the personal data.
  • Indicate whether you want these parameters to be deleted or made anonymous.

I have a free New Relic account.

Send an email to personaldatarequests@newrelic.com, and request us to remove all personal data in your account.

I'm not sure what type of New Relic account I have.

To check your New Relic subscription:

  1. Go to one.newrelic.com.
  2. Click the user menu.
  3. Select Account settings > Account > Subscription.

I do not have a New Relic account.

If you are not a customer of New Relic, please refer to our General Data Privacy Notice.

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