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Organization and user management release notesRSS

March 25, 2022
Organization and user management v220325

This release provides additional governance settings for core user upgrades. Administrators can now control:

  • if basic users can automatically upgrade to core or if upgrades require admin approval
  • if core users can automatically upgrade to full or if upgrades requires admin approval

For more information, see the user upgrade docs.

March 9, 2022
Organization and user management v220309

With this release, core users can manage users and manage billing. They can:

February 4, 2022
Organization and user management v220204

New Relic One platform users who are managed via automated user management could previously only set their time zone via their identity provider (IdP).

Now all users can override these time zone preferences by updating them in New Relic One. This is especially useful for customers with IdPs that cannot send time zone preferences to New Relic.

To do this, simply visit your user preferences and update your time zone. We'll automatically save your new preference and override what is being sent via your identity provider.

For more details, see the time zone setting docs.

January 12, 2022
Organization and user management v220112

New version of New Relic One pricing model with core users

We released a new version of the New Relic One pricing model with a new user type: the core user. Organizations on this pricing version have access to three user types: basic users, core users, and full platform users. The core user has more access than basic users and costs less than a full platform user. Core users have access to some powerful developer-centric features like New Relic CodeStream, our logs UI, and the ability to build New Relic apps.

This pricing version also calculates billable users differently and has different user downgrade rules.

For more about this release and about availability, see Core users release.

Organization and user management v220112

We released the ability to export user data from the User management UI. The data is exportable via TSV. Exportable columns include users’ names, email addresses, current user type, groups, and user ID. Admins can choose to export all users or select a subset of users.

For more details, see Export user list.

November 1, 2021
Organization and user management v211101

Automated user management now available for Pro edition

New Relic's automated user management feature is now available to organizations with New Relic's Pro edition. Previously this was available only to organizations with Enterprise edition.

Automated user management allows you to use SCIM provisioning to import, update, and deactivate your New Relic users from an identity provider, like Azure AD, Okta, or OneLogin. You can also manage attributes about your users, including user type and time zone, via your identity provider.

September 1, 2021
Organization and user management v210901

Our System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) API now supports management of users' user type. This allows Enterprise customers with users on our newer user model to manage user type via their identity provider (IdP) or any custom integration that supports SCIM. This is particularly useful for provisioning users as either basic or full (instead of always provisioning users as full), along with automatically upgrading and downgrading within the New Relic billing policy of two downgrades per user per rolling twelve months.

The release includes a SCIM tutorial and the ability for admins to add a custom message and/or URL to the self-upgrade page that communicates the customer-specific upgrade request process for customers that manage user type through the API.

We have instructions for enabling this with our pre-built Okta integration. Currently we don't have step-by-step instructions for our OneLogin or Azure AD integrations. If you're using one of these, you'll need to configure your identity provider to send a new attribute, nrUserType.

For more information, see:

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