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Mobile app for iOS release notesRSS

September 28, 2022
Mobile app for iOS v4.4.2

Notes Improved widget center controls for editing existing iOS widgets, and adding from the NRQL editor. Improvements Added ability to…

September 13, 2022
Mobile app for iOS v4.4.0

Notes Check out the new HTTP request details in the mobile application summary page! Improvements Added the ability to view your mobile…

August 19, 2022
Mobile app for iOS v4.3.0

Notes Added in a new dependencies view that shows entities related to the current one Improvements Added dependencies view to APM, Browser…

July 27, 2022
Mobile app for iOS v4.2.0

Improvements Update recent entities after viewing them Improved issue notifications Improved issue deep links Fixed NRQL deep links from…

June 23, 2022
Mobile app for iOS v4.1.0

Notes New issue feed design New features Added support for cross account Logs in context Improvements Fixed some issues with the iOS Widgets…

June 7, 2022
Mobile app for iOS v4.0.0

Notes Updated logo and colors to our new brand, added in saved filters, and improved filters with or support New features Brand updates to…

May 19, 2022
Mobile app for iOS v3.87.0

Notes New sections in the Explorer tab, favorite, last viewed and all entities! New features Added in new sections to easily find your…

April 20, 2022
Mobile app for iOS v3.86.1

Notes Now view the third party visualization NRQL status widget within dashboards! New features Added in support for the NRQL status third…

March 31, 2022
Mobile app for iOS v3.85.0

Notes AI Incident detail, now with an additional analysis tab! New features Added an analysis section to the AI incident detail Added chart…

February 16, 2022
Mobile app for iOS v3.84.0

Notes Now featuring applied intelligence incidents, along with the ability to acknowledge and manually close issues. New features Added in…

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