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Mobile app for iOS release notesRSS

January 26
Mobile app for iOS v6.1.0

Bug fixes and UI updates

New features

  • Converts to SwiftUI for the majority of top level views, and most APM ones.
  • Adds incident anomaly charts.
  • Adds DotNet VM detail page.


  • Fixes lambda invocations and errors not respecting the time window.
  • Fixes some billboard formatting issues.
  • Fixes loading cross account logs when viewing an APM entity.

December 7, 2023
Mobile app for iOS v6.0.0

Now using SwiftUI for our side navigation!

New features

  • Updates the iPad UI to be more in line with the iPhone
  • Bumps our minimum version to iOS 16
  • Improved VM host/instance filtering view
  • Improved landscape support throughout the app

November 7, 2023
Mobile app for iOS v5.8.0

New features

  • Added Widgets: Add widgets onto your Home or Lock Screen. Keep a close eye on service levels, monitors, and alerts, all before opening the app or unlocking your device.
  • Quick actions: Touch and hold the app icon to display a set of shortcuts right from the home screen. Quick Actions by default will display up to 4 of your favorite entities.
  • New Host Summary: New enhanced host summary views for instrumented hosts. View your metrics, logs issues and infrastructure data
  • Also includes new Grok feedback
  • Improves kubernetes screen experience

October 23, 2023
Mobile app for iOS v5.7.1

New enhanced host summary views for instrumented hosts. View your metrics, logs issues and infrastructure data.

New features

  • New host summary page
  • New host metrics, network, processes, storage, and system pages
  • Updates to table formatting to SI short version count suffixes for billion, trillion and so on.
  • Also now supports Grok docs beta in app

September 29, 2023
Mobile app for iOS v5.6.0

Improved support for instrumented Lambda functions

New features

  • Adds a CloudWatch metrics page
  • Adds a Logs page that is filtered to the Lambda function
  • Adds an Invocations page with detailed information
  • Adds an Errors page with detailed information


  • Rewrote the monitor detail page to prevent some rare crashes

August 31, 2023
Mobile app for iOS v5.5.0

Adds in quick actions to the app icon from the Home Screen and App Library.

New features

  • Touch and hold on the app icon to see your recent favorites, or the top sections if you have no favorites


  • Adds deep link support for issue links coming from Pagerduty, Slack, and other external notification destinations
  • Fixes the synthetics monitor job detail not loading properly
  • Fixes a few rare crashes

August 16, 2023
Mobile app for iOS v5.4.0

Adds in home screen widgets for issues, synthetic monitors and service levels!!!

New features

  • New issues home screen widget
  • New synthetic monitors home screen widget
  • New service level entity detail page
  • New service level home screen widget


  • Updates to support deep links to APM overview for specific entities
  • Fixes some transaction detail overview charts
  • Potential fix for a rare crash in synthetics monitor detail

July 31, 2023
Mobile app for iOS v5.3.7


  • Fixes crash on iPad launch that was recently introduced

July 28, 2023
Mobile app for iOS v5.3.6


  • Now supports template variables that have a space on either side of the variable name

July 24, 2023
Mobile app for iOS v5.3.5


  • Fixes potential crash when acting on a push notification

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