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Usage of AWS Resource Tagging API (RTA)

June 4, 2020


  • Some of our AWS integrations now use the AWS Resource Tagging API (RTA) for fetching AWS tags. This reduces the requests related to fetching tags by approximately 90% for selected AWS integrations, and reduces throttling considerably.

    This feature requires new permissions: We sent a communication with instructions to all customers without the required permissions for the following integrations: ALB, CloudFront, DynamoDB, ECS, EFS, Elastic BeanStalk, ElastiCache, ElasticSearch, ELB, Kinesis Streams, Lambda, RDS, Route53, SQS and S3.

    The new permissions can be enabled till August 5th 2020. If you have questions or doubts about this change, reach out the New Relic account team.

  • Azure AppService Integration: WebApp slots are now supported.

  • AWS DocumentDB Integration: support for tags.

  • The following integrations have been launched as beta:

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