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Node.js agent release notesRSS

May 24
Node.js agent v8.12.0

Notes Added instrumentation to pino to support application logging use cases: forwarding, local decorating, and metrics. Added…

May 23
Node.js agent v8.11.2

Notes Fixed winston instrumentation to no longer coerce every log line to be json.

May 13
Node.js agent v8.11.1

Notes Fixed an issue with winston instrumentation that caused agent to crash when creating a winston logger from an existing instantiated…

May 11
Node.js agent v8.11.0

Notes Added application logging for Winston in the Node.js agent Ability to forward logs, send log metrics, and perform local log…

April 18
Node.js agent v8.10.0

Notes Added instrumentation for mysql2/promise . This previously only existed in our standalone @newrelic/mysql , but now gives feature…

March 22
Node.js agent v8.9.1

Notes Fixed shim.wrapReturn to call Reflect.construct in construct Proxy trap. Also including newTarget to work with inherited…

March 15
Node.js agent v8.9.0

Notes Added support for initializeUnorderedBulkOp , and initializeOrderedBulkOp in mongodb v3 instrumentation. Thanks to Denis Lantsman…

February 23
Node.js agent v8.8.0

Notes Updated AWS metadata capture to utilize IMDSv2. Fixed link to discuss.newrelic.com in README Updated minimum Node version warning to…

January 18
Node.js agent v8.7.1

Notes Bumped @newrelic/aws-sdk to ^4.1.1. Upgraded @newrelic/test-utilities to ^6.3.0. Includes helpers.getShim so sub packages properly…

January 4
Node.js agent v8.7.0

Notes Updated onResolved instrumentation hook to only be called the first time we see a specific module filepath resolved. Removed tracer…

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