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Node.js agent release notesRSS

August 2
Node.js agent v8.17.1

Fixed issue where instrumented code invoked within a @grpc/grpc-js client callback would not get tracked by the agent.Bound the external client segment to the onReceiveStatus listener to propagate tra

July 27
Node.js agent v8.17.0

Added gRPC server instrumentation

July 21
Node.js agent v8.16.0

Automatic application log forwarding is now enabled by default. This version of the agent will automatically send enriched application logs to New Relic. To learn more about about this feature, see th

July 7
Node.js agent v8.15.0

Added instrumentation for grpc-js unary, streaming, and bidirectional client calls. Added ability to disable server-side configuration via local configuration setting: ignore_server_configuration or e

June 9
Node.js agent v8.14.1

Added defensive code in redis v4 instrumentation to check for opts.socket first before evaluating opts.socket.path. Thanks @RAshidAZ for your contribution!. Updated @grpc/proto-loader to v0.6.13 to pi

June 6
Node.js agent v8.14.0

Fixed issue with api.getBrowserTimingHeader optional script unwrapping issue with util.format. Thanks for your contribution @github-dd-nicolas 🎉. Fixed winston instrumentation to not exit early when

May 27
Node.js agent v8.13.1

Fixed passing undefined as a formatter options to winston.format.combine

May 26
Node.js agent v8.13.0

Moved log forwarding logic to a transport so customer transports are not polluted with NR linking metadata and timestamp and error manipulations. Prevented transmitting logs when application level log

May 24
Node.js agent v8.12.0

Added instrumentation to pino to support application logging use cases: forwarding, local decorating, and metrics. Added supportability metrics about the data usage bytes of harvested data to the coll

May 23
Node.js agent v8.11.2

Fixed winston instrumentation to no longer coerce every log line to be json

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