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January 26, 2015
.NET agent v3.11.296.0

Fixes a bug where setting transaction trace threshold from the New Relic UI would cause it to revert to default. Fixes a bug where the cross application map would sometimes show the wrong color (apdex

November 20, 2014
.NET agent v3.10.43.0

The .NET agent now gives you additional information for requests from synthetic monitors. More transaction traces and events give you a clearer look into how your application is performing around the

October 29, 2014
.NET agent v3.9.146.0

Added support for agent-side creation of application labels and categories via newrelic.config or the NEW_RELIC_LABELS environment variable.Labeling enables organization of applications with labels an

October 1, 2014
.NET agent v3.8.1.0

Disables automatic instrumentation of Microsoft Azure Websites SCM service site

September 25, 2014
.NET agent v3.7.135.0

Adds functionality to the system tray application that will collate information commonly asked for by New Relic support and upload it to S3 when instructed to by the user. Response.status is now repor

August 27, 2014
.NET agent v3.6.177.0

You can now fine tune the attributes the .NET agent sends to New Relic. For more information, see .NET agent attributes

August 19, 2014
.NET agent v3.5.107.0

This release enhances cross application tracing with a visualization of the cross application calls that a specific Transaction Trace is involved in. The new visualization helps you spot bottlenecks i

July 24, 2014
.NET agent v3.4.24.0

Provides visibility into Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ) activity. Within a web transaction, e.g., you can now see whether a message has been sent to a queue, pulled off a queue, peeked at, or if a que

July 11, 2014
.NET agent v3.3.38.0

Agent-Side High Security Configuration

June 30, 2014
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