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.NET agent v6.12.61.0

May 11, 2017

New Features

  • The .NET agent no longer supports Windows Server 2003. Applications running on Windows Server 2003 will be required to use .NET agent version 6.11 or lower. For more information, get support at support.newrelic.com or download the agent at http://download.newrelic.com/
  • Reduced overhead of the agent for transactions that contain many segments.
  • Reduced performance overhead for instrumented methods. Low latency, high-throughput applications may also see a reduction in CPU overhead.
  • Reduced the overhead associated with method JITs. This will reduce the overall startup time and memory footprint of instrumented applications.


  • Methods associated with wrappers that have been disabled due to too many exceptions are no longer instrumented by the default wrapper. The previous behavior could result in orphaned metrics and a potential degradation in performance.


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