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Java agent v3.45.0

December 11, 2017Download


  • RabbitMQ

The agent now provides instrumentation for RabbitMQ 5.0.


  • This release changes instrumentation for all supported versions of RabbitMQ to use the exchange name instead of routing keys for the transaction name and produce/consume metrics. This should provide more meaningful transaction names, but will change what transactions you see in New Relic.

  • Now reports queue purge

  • No longer reports misleading MessageBroker consume metric for callbacks/message listeners

  • Adds message properties to tracer attributes, and a configuration to disable them:

    enabled: false

Bug Fixes

  • Exceptions thrown within scala Future/CallbackRunnable code could cause inaccurate transaction times
  • Deadlock could occur when tracking asynchronous activity in Vert.x.
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