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May 19
Go agent v3.16.0

Distributed Tracing is now the default mode of operation. It may be disabled by user configuration if so desired. PR #495To disable DT, add newrelic.ConfigDistributedTracerEnabled(false) to your appli

December 6, 2021
Go agent v3.15.2

Strings logged via the Go agent's built-in logger will have strings of the form license_key= changed to license_key=[redacted] before they are output, regardless of severity level, where means a sequ

October 27, 2021
Go agent v3.15.1

Updated support for SQL database instrumentation across the board for the Go Agent’s database integrations to more accurately extract the database table name from SQL queries. Fixes Issue #397. Update

September 2, 2021
Go agent v3.15.0

Updated mongodb driver version to 1.5.1 to fix security issue in external dependency. Fixes Issue #358 and Issue #370. Updated the go.mod file in the nrgin integration to require version 1.7.0 of the

July 20, 2021
Go agent v3.14.1

A typographical error in the nrgrpc unit tests was fixed. Fixes Issue #344. This updates the nrgrpc integration to version 1.3.1

July 12, 2021
Go agent v3.14.0

Integration tags and go.mod files for integrations were updated so that pkg.go.dev displays the documentation for each integration correctly. The nrgrpc server integration was reporting all non-OK grp

June 2, 2021
Go agent v3.13.0

Replaced the NR AWS SDK V2 integration for the v3 agent with a new version that works. See the v3/integrations/nrawssdk-v2/example/main.go file for an example of how to use it. Issues #250 and #288 ar

May 3, 2021
Go agent v3.12.0

Updated CHANGELOG.md release notes language, to correct typographical errors and clean up grammar. #289

March 18, 2021
Go agent v3.11.0

Aerospike is now included on the list of recognized datastore names. Thanks @vkartik97 for your PR! #233. Added support for version 8 of go-redis. Thanks @ilmimris for adding this instrumentation! #25

January 11, 2021
Go agent v3.10.0

To keep up with the latest security protocols implemented by Amazon Web Services, the agent now uses AWS IMDSv2 to find utilization data. #249

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