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App data NRQL query examples

You can use NRQL to query the application data collected by , , and mobile monitoring. You can then use this data to answer a variety of questions. Here are some basic examples.

Unique users

How many unique user sessions did you have in the last week?

SELECT uniqueCount(session) FROM PageView SINCE 1 week ago

Were your unique user sessions up or down last week compared to the week before?

SELECT uniqueCount(session) FROM PageView SINCE 1 week ago COMPARE WITH 1 week ago

Pageview trends

How can I graph the number of unique users yesterday compared to the day before?

SELECT count(*) FROM PageView SINCE 1 day ago COMPARE WITH 1 day ago TIMESERIES AUTO

OS version

How many of your mobile users are on the latest OS version?

SELECT uniqueCount(uuid) FROM MobileSession FACET osVersion SINCE 7 days ago

Key account Apdex

What is the Apdex score for a particularly important customer? If you have defined some custom attributes, you can query to monitor how this customer experiences your app from a performance standpoint:

SELECT apdex(duration, t: 0.4) FROM Transaction WHERE customerName='ReallyImportantCustomer' SINCE 1 day ago
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