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Introduction to our data ingest governance series

In the context of our observability maturity series, Data ingest governance refers to the practice of ensuring optimal value for the telemetry data your organization has collected. This practice is especially important for complex organizations that have numerous business units and working groups.

Before you start

This guide contains detailed recommendations for optimizing your data ingest. Before using this guide, we recommend you review our general data management docs.

Desired outcome

Ensure a high return on investment in telemetry data, via these benefits:

  • Noise reduction: Reduce redundant or unnecessary data with confidence.
  • Increased transparency: Understand exactly which groups within the organization are contributing which data. Expose where your telemetry data is coming from and reduce data management silos.
  • Cost optimization and predictability: Account for ingest costs in a clear and concise way. Adjust your ingest volume with full context of the observability value of the data.


This guide is built around several modules meant to be adopted as part of a complete data ingest governance practice. Click on the icons below to navigate through the guide.

1. Roles and practices
2. Baseline ingest
3. Optimize ingest
4. Forecast ingest

Additional resources

Here are some docs related to data management:

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