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Introduction to Partnership API

Our Partnership API allows New Relic partners, and New Relic accounts set up as customer partnerships, to manage accounts, users, and subscription-related settings.


The Partnership API is not available to your organization unless you're specifically instructed by your New Relic representative that you should use it.

The Partnership API can be used by two types of New Relic accounts: partners (managed service providers, resellers) and customer partnerships (larger customers who have been given access to our partnership account structure).

These docs are for version 2 of the Partner API. Earlier versions have been deprecated. If you have problems with an older integration, upgrade to version 2.

Partnership API calls require authentication with both your partnership owner account's REST API key and your Partner ID.

Accounts that are genuine New Relic partners (managed service providers, resellers) have no restrictions on using the API. Accounts set up as customer partnerships have restrictions that follow.

Customer partnership restrictions

If your New Relic organization is set up as a customer partnership, there are some restrictions in place if your organization is on our newer pricing model or our newer user model. Details:

To determine your pricing model or user model, see Overview of pricing and user model changes.

Password requirements

Passwords passed for account creation have these requirements:

  • 8 to 50 characters in length
  • Only contain letters, numbers, or special characters
  • Cannot contain spaces
  • Must contain at least 1 letter
  • Must contain at least 1 number or special character

Things you can do

Here is an overview of the API's functionality.


The account object is what you use to create and update accounts. You can do the following with it:

There is also a child account object for creating child accounts.


Some organizations that meet the requirements can use the user object to:

  • Add user access to account
  • Remove user access from account


Organizations that meet the requirements and are on our original product pricing model can use the subscription object to configure various subscription-related traits.

Get started

To start using the Partnership API, see the Partner API reference docs.

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