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The container is running but discovery job doesn't begin


You've run docker run, but nothing seems to be happening and you see, in the docker logs, an error such as

[Error] KTranslate Discovery SNMP Error: There was an error when writing the /snmp-base.yaml SNMP configuration file: chtimes /snmp-base.yaml: operation not permitted.

This happens when the snmp-base.yaml file has an ownership permission that prevents the docker user from editing the file, most often because you created the file as the root user or a similar privileged account. The docker container runs with a non-privileged user that can't modify this file. Inside the container, ktranslate is always trying to use user ID 1000 and group ID 1000, so the ownership needs to allow for those IDs to own the file.


From your privileged account, change the ownership of the file before you can pass it into the docker container. For example, run:

chown 1000:1000 snmp-base.yaml
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